An ETCS Key Management Centre (KMC) is a tool to help create and manage ETCS encryption keys (KMACs / KTRANSs / K-KMCs). These keys are necessary as part of the protocol for exchanging messages between on-board ETCS equipment and trackside ETCS equipment when operating in ETCS Level 2 and Level 3, and for securely transporting the keys to the ETCS equipment.

DARD Consulting Limited has developed an off-line KMC, which is used in the UK by Network Rail, that enables generation of SS-114 and SS-038 compliant messages that contain key management commands between the KMC and trains/RBCs.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss use of this tool or if you need help with developing your own off-line or on-line key management solution.

Below are screen shots of the current version of the tool illustrating its capabilities.

Create Transport Keys

Transport keys (KTRANS/K-KMC) can be created for RBCs, KMCs and trains. Create ETCS transport keys

Create KMACs

Keys can be created either between any 2 RBCs or between any RBC and any train. Create ETCS authentication keys

Export Keys

Once keys are created (and saved), keys can be exported either to the applicable RBC/train, or to another KMC. Export ETCS keys

Delete Keys

Delete ETCS keys